Real Time Executive & Time-Sharing Kernel

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How to design a real-time kernel (french)?
Some slides (french)


I- What is BastKernel ?

BastKernel is designed both to be compiled as hard real time executive and classical time sharing kernel. The Kernel source is written in C & ASM, under Win32 environment. BastKernel is also useful for educational purpose to understand the main concepts of operating systems.

II- BastKernel architecture

Up to now, the kernel source only supports the X86 architectures and is structured as follows :

1- Boot:   loads the 16-bit part from the floppy (but somewhat dated, so need to include usb-BIOS drivers)
2- 16-bit part :  detects CPU, memory amount and disks,  loads the Global Descriptor Table (GDT), and then switches to protected mode.
3- 32-bit part : loads Interrupt Descriptor Table (IDT). Especially for classical mode (i.e, time sharing mode), it enables paging and memory handler and initializes processes.


II-1 Hard Real Time

TO DO:  In order to use BastKernel as an embedded real-time kernel, we are writing an ethernet driver to load the  software from a remote shell.


II-2 Time Sharing 


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